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A game that was inspired by Kingdom Hearts years ago and is finally brought to life!~


Hello there traveler! I see you found my game! You like action, right? Welp, you can use some! The further you go, the more spells you get! Swords? We got those too! Enemies? Heck yeah! Just make sure to yell, "BOOMSHAKALAKA!" while you kill it.  Oh yeah, we have daggers too! The controls are easy to nail down and there is controller support (PS4 is the only tested controller).

Enough with the laughs! This game was made for anyone however, it does get quite difficult at world 2 and continues to scale. Worlds not in the demo are planned to have less aggressive AI but more strategy, as in, there is a story to the monsters AI scaling and how it works (slightly explained in the demo) but they get really aggressive so be prepared to rage). 


There will be changes that will make the use of demo save files do nothing, you don't need to delete the file but pressing load will most likely just restart the game but it is recommended just to press the start button.


Tutorial level is not in the demo because it includes some story you are not suppose to know in the demo. You will be shown the controls via text in the demo. The demo is solely made to show you what the game will have to offer. There will be a lot of missing content and there will be some mechanics only to show for the time being. The game still has a lot of work but if the work is at a steady pace, it could come out really soon (no estimated date but hopefully 2019). The demo consists of 5/10 worlds, and that's not even half of the game but it's decently close (I think...), wait until you see W10! It's HUUUUUUGE!


Hello parents, don't worry! There is no blood and won't be (unless someone makes a mod with some but other than that it's sharp swords and fantasy violence). I may warn you, these monsters may give your child nightmares even though they are quite cartoony. So far, the worst word in here is "hell" but that's only a curse to some people. I am trying to make this suitable for ages 10 and up, which also means I am trying to avoid swears (for the most part) and things that are very graphic. I want this to be a fun adventure for all ages, but the fantasy violence will be the prevention of it being E (also the use of "hell" one time at it's current state).




Final Heroes Demo v1.1 HOTFIX 1.zip 130 MB

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As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Yooo! That's cool! Thanks my guy, I hope you like it.


I played some of the first world. I think the animations are pretty charming so far!

Thank you!